Twin Adventures

Twin girls now rule the house.

And… they’ve arrived!

Thursday, June 16th, at 2:37pm Shula Maybelle greeted us all with her butt sticking out in the air.

Right after her, at 2:39pm, her sister Maretta Monnier came out, face first; staring right at me.

The day of our cesarean section went pretty smoothly. The worst thing about the whole day was how I wasn’t allowed to eat anything for 12+ hours. My mom and nanny (grandma), along with my two youngest siblings met us that morning before we checked into the hospital. I was a bit nervous, a few butterflies roaming around my empty stomach. The hour passed too quickly and it was suddenly time to head up to the Maternity ward.

My family was allowed to come with us and once I had changed into my lovely hospital gown, my husband’s mom and dad showed up as well! We had a full pre-op room!

According to our prep nurse everyone was on schedule, so there was no delay and I was taken into the operating room on time. The epidural was nothing special. It is *not* as bad as some people may say it is! They freeze a portion of your lower back before they stick the needle in; so you don’t feel the insertion at all. I felt a small “pop” and a warming sensation. The anesthesiologist was very nice and he actually had his intern do the epidural. They talked me through the whole procedure so I knew what was going on at every stage and at the same time, I had a lovely nurse who was doing her best to distract me from what they were doing.

The prep work was over in what seemed like only a few minutes and then they had me lay on my back. I needed three people to help, as my stomach was slightly hard to control on my own. It didn’t seem like very long until my husband was in the room and by my side. A couple of nurses offered to take our two cameras and get some good shots while the operation was happening. No Recording Allowed. Then… They cut me open! I was completely numb of course but it felt like there was a bunny rabbit crawling around inside of me. Turns out it was just my doctors hands…

I think because of the drugs they’d given me and the emotional state of mind I was in, the next couple of minutes were a bit of a blur for me.

Out came Shula, butt first. Showing her contempt for life right from the beginning. Following closely in her footsteps, not to be out-done, Maretta was face first; staring around, drinking in the sights and sounds. Both of my beautiful baby girls weighed a whooping 5 pounds 9 ounces. Both were the same weight within a couple hundred grams of each other. They were both weighed and kinda cleaned and then brought over to the new Mommy and Daddy. Greatest moment of our lives…

Daddy, Shula, Maretta, Mommy

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Pregnancy was pretty frickin’ awesome for me!

Because I was having twins, my doctor sent me to a specialist, a “twin doctor” if you will, in the next city over. About a forty minute drive one way. Not a terrible drive; but it was a little taxing when you did it every two weeks. And, as we got closer to the due date, every week. Our twin doctor was great. He’s very easy going and pretty laid back as far as my pregnancy being in the high risk category.

The first few months passed with almost no notice at all. Didn’t get too much morning sickness. Whenever I was hit with a strong odour, such as perfume/cologne/deodorant, I had to run to the bathroom. But, never more than once a day and when I did have it; it never amounted to much. I started showing almost right away, and went through the difficult phase of looking in the mirror and just seeing a big belly, not babies. Even though there were two in my belly, fighting for space, I wasn’t totally convinced that I had felt any movement until I was pretty far along. I think, because of that, I went through days of not being convinced that I was *actually* pregnant.

The second trimester passed without incident. I know that, for most pregnant families, they spend this time preparing the baby’s room, researching and buying all the necessary supplies, but my husband and I had already done all the researching we needed to. So a few trips to Ikea and we were all set up for the girls to get here! Although it had little impact on what kind of decor we went with, we found out the gender early on. Not because we were dying to know, but the ultrasound technician asked if we wanted to know, and we shrugged at each other and said “Sure, why not.” It was another little thing that seemed to make it more real, knowing that we had two little girls growing in there..

As the months went on, and I got bigger, I began to wonder what pregnant women carrying one baby EVER had to complain about! No offense meant to those of you out there, but c’mon! I am proud to say that through out my pregnancy I rarely had sore feet, only if I spent three or four hours at work on my feet the whole time. I never had a sore back, and I felt confident that I could continue to do everything I was doing before my pregnancy had it not been for the “take-it-easy” orders I had from both my doctors. I did get awfully huge though. I never felt as big as I was, but when I looked at a picture of myself I thought.. “Oh my god! What a big stomach!!”

At 38 weeks, my doctor scheduled a Caesarean section for me. We would’ve gone for a natural birth as both babies were head down, presenting properly. But, as luck would have it, during the last week of pregnancy both the buggers managed to flip around! So they were both head up! Looking back, I loved having a *planned* caesarean. It was so nice to know exactly when things were going to happen and I didn’t need to worry about labour contractions!

I think I may be one of the very lucky twin moms. My pregnancy didn’t have any hiccups; I didn’t develop pre-eclampsia, I was never put on bed rest, neither me or the babies were ever at risk.

Even though my doctor put his foot down at 38 weeks, I’m convinced I could have made it to 40!

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The Road to Babies

My first post is a little late; my twin girls were born June 16th, almost three months ago.

Life with two extra small people has been great. Certainly different; a change, but great. Every day is filled with two of everything. Two diapers per change, two bottles per feeding, two outfits every morning and night. At times two is a little much but looking back, I wouldn’t change anything.

Our baby journey started with infertility, I had my fallopian tubes removed when I was eleven. The nice thing about that was we knew what was wrong and we knew how to go about fixing it. IVF. In-vitro fertilization. Victoria Fertility Clinic was our saving grace. We were lucky. It only took us six months and two attempts to get pregnant. I know plenty of women go through years and years of trying, but even just those few months of daily hormone injections and the few side effects that come with them were hard to take at times. I’m grateful that my husband was by my side through all of it.

The embryos didn’t make it through for the first round. No matter how you much you prepare yourself, getting the news that you aren’t pregnant after all of that is devastating. But after a day of being miserable and upset, I was ready to get back on the horse and go through it all again. My specialist switched up the hormones I was taking and a month later, we started the process over. We were determined to have a baby!

This time around, I was too anxious to take an at home pregnancy test, so we had to wait to get my blood results back. I was absolutely ecstatic when I got the news that this round of ivf had worked! The next few weeks was all about waiting for the first ultrasound, to see if we had gotten ourselves one or two babies! Lo and behold.. two little dark circles appeared on the screen in the ultrasound room. At the time, no nerves were present, I was just happy to know that we’d be having a baby two babies.