Twin Adventures

Twin girls now rule the house.

And… they’ve arrived!

on September 21, 2011

Thursday, June 16th, at 2:37pm Shula Maybelle greeted us all with her butt sticking out in the air.

Right after her, at 2:39pm, her sister Maretta Monnier came out, face first; staring right at me.

The day of our cesarean section went pretty smoothly. The worst thing about the whole day was how I wasn’t allowed to eat anything for 12+ hours. My mom and nanny (grandma), along with my two youngest siblings met us that morning before we checked into the hospital. I was a bit nervous, a few butterflies roaming around my empty stomach. The hour passed too quickly and it was suddenly time to head up to the Maternity ward.

My family was allowed to come with us and once I had changed into my lovely hospital gown, my husband’s mom and dad showed up as well! We had a full pre-op room!

According to our prep nurse everyone was on schedule, so there was no delay and I was taken into the operating room on time. The epidural was nothing special. It is *not* as bad as some people may say it is! They freeze a portion of your lower back before they stick the needle in; so you don’t feel the insertion at all. I felt a small “pop” and a warming sensation. The anesthesiologist was very nice and he actually had his intern do the epidural. They talked me through the whole procedure so I knew what was going on at every stage and at the same time, I had a lovely nurse who was doing her best to distract me from what they were doing.

The prep work was over in what seemed like only a few minutes and then they had me lay on my back. I needed three people to help, as my stomach was slightly hard to control on my own. It didn’t seem like very long until my husband was in the room and by my side. A couple of nurses offered to take our two cameras and get some good shots while the operation was happening. No Recording Allowed. Then… They cut me open! I was completely numb of course but it felt like there was a bunny rabbit crawling around inside of me. Turns out it was just my doctors hands…

I think because of the drugs they’d given me and the emotional state of mind I was in, the next couple of minutes were a bit of a blur for me.

Out came Shula, butt first. Showing her contempt for life right from the beginning. Following closely in her footsteps, not to be out-done, Maretta was face first; staring around, drinking in the sights and sounds. Both of my beautiful baby girls weighed a whooping 5 pounds 9 ounces. Both were the same weight within a couple hundred grams of each other. They were both weighed and kinda cleaned and then brought over to the new Mommy and Daddy. Greatest moment of our lives…

Daddy, Shula, Maretta, Mommy


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