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on October 12, 2011

The road to giving our babies the best hasn’t been the easiest one.

Anton and I are fairly practical. Before we had the girls we thought everything through, going through best and worst case scenerios. Our plans were to breastfeed and do formula but worst case, only formula. We were hoping of course that the breastfeeding would go off without a hitch, even going so far as discussing how I was going to breastfeed twins and experimenting with pillow arrangements on the couch to get the best positions figured out ahead of time.

Unfortunately, the nursing didn’t go as well as we’d hoped. Shula never opened her mouth wide enough to get anything more than my nipple inside, and that was only successful about a third of the time. Maretta never seemed to know what to do once she had latched on. So, we moved on to supplementing with formula. We ended up doing a lot more formula than we had planned, but that’s the way things go. Things were a little tense in the hospital with the nurses, but I tried not to let it get to me.

Once we got home, breastfeeding kinda fell to the wayside for the first couple of weeks. But, after we had gotten into the swing of things, I decided to give it another go and we bought a manual Lansinoh pump. It worked great for me; although it didn’t take long for my wrists to start bothering me! So, I would pump every two hours, whenever the girls ate. It swallowed a lot of time and I was not producing anywhere near what I should have been producing. A good day was getting 50ml per breast; for the entire day. It was a little heartbreaking, to tell the truth. I gave up for a while, not being very diligent about pumping and getting easily frustrated when I didn’t produce as much as I wanted to. I never felt like a bad mom.. just felt like I was not giving the girls the best they could have.

After a while, we decided to splurge big time and get an electric double pump. A Medela Pump In-Style Advanced. Worth the $400.00 spent. It’s so easy to use and being able to pump both sides at the same time is fantastic. A 15-minute job. We gave the new pump a couple of weeks to see if it could increase my production. Unfortunately to no avail. We had to go for slightly more drastic measures. Made a doctors appointment and had my GP set me up with some Domperidone. Two pills; four times a day. It works!! I am now making upwards of 200ml a day, per breast. Still not enough to feed the girls exclusively but it is a huge weight off of my shoulders. I’m hoping that as they start eating solid foods in a couple of months we’ll be able to get rid of the formula all together and just give them the breastmilk in addition to their solids. Fingers crossed.

I still pump every two hours, to make sure I keep the production going as best I can. I’m not always the greatest at remembering to pump, so my two hour could easily turn into three or four, but I am over the moon about the progress me and my boobs have made. I plan to keep the pumping going until the girls are a year old. I’m grateful that I won’t have to worry about weaning them. And, for anyone who has doubts… I feel just as close to my baby girls even though I haven’t nursed them. We’ve still had tons of skin-to-skin time and I doubt they have suffered at all from not being given breastmilk exclusively. “Hah!” to the public health nurses that refuse to accept that formula is not the most horrible thing ever.

Daddy dual-wielding!

As a humongous side note… I am so extremely grateful to Anton. He pushed me to pump and not give up. He never judged me for getting frustrated or made me feel worse than I already did for not breastfeeding exclusively. My knight in shining armour. I probably didn’t give him all the credit he deserved at the time, but I probably would’ve given up by now had it not been for his motivation and support. And, isn’t it just fantastic that Anton can participate and contribute to feeding our girls. We can all bond over feeding!

“Breast is best, but bottle ain’t bad.” – Anton, genius, fantastic daddy, wonderful husband.


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