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6 Month Update

on December 23, 2011

We’ve entered into a new chapter; “Six to Twelve Months”. We’ll start small though, and focus on just the sixth month for now.

According to BabyCenter (one of my favourite baby websites!) we can expect our girls to:

  • Turn towards sounds and voices….. Check for both! Any noise in the house deserves complete attention.
  • Imitate sounds, blow bubbles….. Check for both! I wish Shula would be a little less messy with her bubble blowing!
  • Roll in both directions….. Check for both! Maretta has got the rolling mastered. Shula can do it.. but she doesn’t show as much interest.
  • Reach for objects and “mouth” them….. Check for both! All I can say… ew, drool.
  • Sit without support….. Half-check? Meta is getting there.. maybe two or three seconds at a time. Shula, not so much. She likes to bend forward. I wouldn’t consider it sitting though.
  • Be ready for solid foods….. Big fat check! And loving it! Although we tried a Chicken Vegetable Casserole the other night… Not a fan favourite. We’ll stick with simple foods for a bit longer.
  • Lunge forward and possibly start crawling….. No! No crawling yet, thank god. It’s coming though. They’ve got the arm movement, and the leg movement. Now, they just need co-ordination!
  • Jabber or combine syllables….. No idea. Sure, they jabber but I couldn’t tell you if they’re combining syllables or not.
  • Drag objects towards themselves….. Check! We’ve certainly noticed an increase in toy interest.

So, just starting our sixth month and the girls seem quite on track. Which is nice, considering they were a bit early. We’ve definitely been increasing the amount of time they spend sitting. Our doctor mentioned it at our sixth month check-up:

“Are they sitting unsupported yet?”

“Uh… no.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine! Should come anytime now. If it doesn’t happen by eight months, let me know.”

So now, of course, I’m obsessed with getting them to sit on their own! I know, I know, it’ll happen. But still, a mom can’t wait to see her little girls reach the next big milestone! It’s not like I can start them on walking yet…..


3 responses to “6 Month Update

  1. Natalie says:

    First crawl, then Walk! Very important to do that in the right order. And why doesn’t their Meemaw have these pictures?

    • samonnier says:

      I gotta keep ya wanting more!

      We think Meta may be one of those babies that doesn’t crawl… she’s already figured out a way to get around (rolling) so, who needs crawling?!

  2. Natalie says:

    Thought that I would share this with you and anyone who reads your blog. Crawling is more a 9-12 month activity, after all the rolling but this extra info is good to have.

    snipped information

    What crawling does, is to teach the brain how to operate multiple systems at the same time.
    While crawling might seem to be very simple, it requires the coordination of 2 legs and 2 arms, all at the same time.
    As well as movement of the head.
    Where a complex network of communications needs to be constantly happening between them all.
    As each of them, need to know what all of the others are doing, all of the time.

    But for early walkers, it is a much simpler process, where one balances on one leg.
    Then swings the other leg around, and leans across to balance on that leg.
    Where keeping Balanced is the main concern.
    So they have learned how to operate and coordinate a ‘2 limb’ system.
    Which is why I asked Shaz if her children swing their arms when walking? To which she replied that they dont.

    But the development that comes from crawling, is not just associated with learning to walk?
    It rather provides the brain with practice in operating and coordinating multiple systems at the same time.
    Where for the brain, coordinating the arms and legs at the same time.
    Is similar to the complexity of coordinating the tongue and mouth when speaking.

    But my point is that crawling is what a baby uses to develop their brains ability to manage and coordinate multiple things at the same time. Where their is actually no alternative way to develop this foundation?
    As any other activity will be too complex, without this foundation in place.
    Crawling is also used for remediation with adults, who skipped it as a baby.
    As it can be developed at any time in life.

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