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Sick Babies

on December 29, 2011

The last few days in our house have been not-so-great. Someone *cough*Anton*cough* managed to bring home a bit of a cold. Anton and both the girls have been sick for a few days. All three of them have been feeling very punky, as Anton would say. I didn’t wind up getting it, except for a somewhat stuffed nose, although being around a sick family makes you feel like you’re sick too.

It started out with Anton being sick. On Friday or Saturday he tells me “I think my glands are swollen.” Which, for him, is an almost sure sign that he’s going to be sick, or already is. So I told him “No kissing the babies! Don’t want the babies to get sick!”. And does he cut back on the snuggling?! Nope! He’s a daddy.. like he was ever going to cut back on snuggling and kisses! And of course this all happened during his two days off; his days to stay home with the girls. So, Maretta got sick. She just looked awful. Her eyes were constantly droopy and she was sniffling all the time. Not to mention a horrible cough. A from-the-chest cough. Oh right, and Anton had all the same symptoms. Although I think his cough was much worse. Shake-the-house kinda cough.

My mission was to try and keep Shula from getting sick. She’s a bit of a drama queen and I was worried we’d have a prima donna on our hands. She did get sick. And we had a prima donna on our hands. The biggest symptom that Shula had was a runny nose. Which meant that I was constantly wiping her nose. I’m sure I could have left it alone, but between the dog trying to lick her face all the time and the stream of snot going into her mouth.. let’s just say, wiping her nose is more for my benefit than anyone else’s! The downside to all the nose wiping is that Shula really hates it. She actually lets out a blood-curdling scream. Which I understand, because her nose is so red and raw.There was a bit of difficulty with Shula and Maretta sleeping through the night. They were waking up a bit and I am guessing it was largely in part due to their stuffed noses. I found a lot of people suggesting to get a humidifier, but they seem like a bit of a waste of money. Especially considering that we’ve gone six months without one and the girls are almost one hundred percent better. I don’t think it would have sat well with me if we’d bought a humidifier and used it for five days…

We ended up just using Vicks Baby Rub just before they went to bed, and that seemed to help. For the first portion of the night anyway!  We used Infant Tylenol for their cough and congestion. I was
going to try and find something specifically for cough and congestion, but after browsing aisles and reading boxes, I found that the Infant Tylenol we already had would do the trick. Something to keep in mind, is that the Infant Tylenol is made to help with a few things. Which is nice, because there isn’t much to choose from for babies under a year old. We also made sure to give them as much breast milk as we could. We usually wait until there is a whole meals worth for both girls but for the past few days we’ve been giving them whatever we could, even if that meant we were giving them half breast milk and half formula. Even though we give them formula, we do know that breast milk has good antibodies and helps with the immune system so we try and up their intake when they’re sick

Everyone is doing much better today. There is still a fair amount of sniffling from the four of us. But other than that, Daddy and Maretta seem to have kicked it. Shula’s nose is still running but she can actually breathe through her nose now, which is an improvement. Hopefully by this weekend, we’ll all be back to normal.

One response to “Sick Babies

  1. So sorry to hear you are an under the weather family. darn! and at Christmas time too! David Michael was sick sick with cold on Christmas Day also. John was sick yesterday and today. Hope that I don’t get it…hope hope. Get well soon, my dear family!

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