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Woah.. Seven Months Already?!

on January 20, 2012

Our little girls just turned seven months old a few days ago. I can’t believe it. Instead of counting up towards their six month mark, we’re suddenly counting down to their one year birthday!

According to the all-knowing Baby Center Canada, here’s a list of the milestones we could be expecting the girls to hit in the next month.

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

  • Sits without support: Yes for both. Just in the last little while have we really started working on it. They can both do it for minutes before falling over to the side. After paying closer attention, I’ve realized that this has less to do with balance issues and more to do with distraction. They see something they want and fall in that direction.
  • Drags objects towards herself: Yes! Anything and everything they can get their little paws on! Maretta was trying to plug in and charge herself up using a cell phone charger. They haven’t gotten into anything they aren’t supposed to yet! 😛 Looks like Mommy and Daddy need to childproof a bit!

Emerging Skills (about half of kids can do)

  • Lunges forward or starts crawling: Shula has started scooching backwards, as well as getting up on her hands and knees. It’s not quite a crawl just yet though, she just stands there rocking in place. Maretta lunges forward and has started lifting her legs into a good crawling position, but her source of getting around is still rolling.
  • Jabbers or combines syllables: Yes. I wish they would take a day off from jabbering. It’s cute and all but.. really guys?! All the time?!
  • Starts to experience stranger anxiety: Haven’t really experienced this, but then again we don’t really leave them with other people yet. This may have happened a few months back, when Meemaw babysat for a night. Although that was probably just Maretta teething!

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)

  • Waves goodbye: No.Well, they do when Anton or I make them.. but not of their own free will!
  • Stands while holding onto something: Yes! We put Maretta in the playpen the other day and put her hands onto the edge then let go. And she stood for a good ten or so seconds! Now we do it all the time. In the playpen, the crib, alongside the couch. Fortunately, she can’t get into the standing position on her own yet.
  • Bangs objects together: Not sure if I’ve ever seen it happen, but watching their motor skills, I wouldn’t be surprised if they could.
  • Begins to understand object permanence: I think they are both catching onto this one. They really seem to understand what’s going on when we leave a room.

Skills that Mommy is Proud Of (a category I made up)

  • Shula and Maretta both have two teeth. Bottom fronts for all. And my intuition says that Shula is going to be popping a top tooth through pretty soon.
  • They have both mastered the art of getting Daddy and Mommy soaked during Bath time.
  • They both make the cutest damn faces I have ever seen.

That last category shows how advanced they really are.


One response to “Woah.. Seven Months Already?!

  1. Cute cute cute. Thank you for all your work on the computer, Samanthata and Anton. It makes us all feel a part of it all even if from such a long distance away. Thank you thank you!

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