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Better Weather Means…

on April 15, 2012

As a kind of Part Two from my last post, I thought I would give an update as to how we’ve been spending our time lately. The girls are much more interactive and are more aware of their actions. These two things make for great and funny interactions, and make it more entertaining to do activities with them. It just so happen that we’ve been having some pretty awesome weather lately, so we’ve been heading outside.

Grass. Freshly mowed, poop-free, green green grass. In the middle of our three-building complex, there is a “club house” with a yard surrounding it. It is the perfect amount of space for the four of us to sit and play in. (Jimmie stays tied up on the concrete, so the grass remains poop-free!) The only unfortunate thing is… the girls don’t seem too fond of grass! It took us a good five minutes to convince Maretta to crawl along the grass, and another few minutes to convince Shula. Most of the time they sat with their hands up by their chest.. “Ewwww! What is that stuff?!” It was cute.

A few days later we went out to a park that was less poop-free then we would have liked. We had thought that the girls would warm up to the grass maybe another round of playtime, but it didn’t seem to change their opinion. They continued to sit with their hands up and remain in one place. Mind you, this grass was also a little brown and had some patches missing. Maybe Shula and Maretta are grass snobs? Only the greenest and freshest will do? If we don’t make it out to the grass (most days) we try and put the girls in their play yard on the balcony. Especially with the nice weather, we want to make sure that they are experiencing as much outdoor and indoor. 










We’ve been continuing with our evening walk; which is part of our Bedtime Routine. I’ve never appreciated Daylight Savings Time as much as I have this year. Although we’ve been doing our walk from the beginning, the fall and winter months bring a fairly dark evening. Lately when we head outside the sun is just setting behind the mountains, which is perfect because we can still enjoy daylight but don’t have to worry about too much sun in any eyes. I think that these evening walks every day really give the girls a good feel for what the outdoors are. It also gives them a chance to toughen up. We don’t usually bundle them up very much so they get a chance to experience the elements; wind, rain, snow, sun.

These days I am really looking forward to some first steps. I love taking them out in the stroller, but I am really excited to have all four of us walking around together.


3 responses to “Better Weather Means…

  1. Sweet! Funny that they both have the same reaction to the grass. 😀
    I agree that going outdoors is important and for them to experience the elements. Also: I am totally with you on the walking thing! One of mine has been walking for months already and the other is still not walking more than two hesitant steps – if even that. Come on girl! Walk! It’s fun! *sigh*

    • samonnier says:

      To tell you the truth… I didn’t even think of the fact that they had the same reaction! They RARELY have the same reaction to anything. Taking them out every evening has really proved to toughen them up. Where we live lets us experience almost every kind of weather and we always try and dress them appropriately, but not overkill. I am pretty sure that it has served them pretty well. We were recently caught in the rain with no coats (bad mommy!) and they barely seemed to notice that they were being pelted with rain drops.

      Isn’t it funny how, although we enjoy every minute of our twins, we can’t wait for the next “big thing” to come around?! I would bet that your non-walking twin will soon follow suit. We’ve noticed in our house that when one girl masters a skill, the other is never far behind!

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