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You Are a Unique Snowflake.

on May 10, 2012

Throughout all the reading I did in preparation for the twins, the phrase I came across most frequently was “all children are different.” Mostly I came across it while reading about milestones. Because we all know it’s bound to happen; comparing one kid to another. The logic makes perfect sense… we don’t all learn to walk, talk, and read all at the same time. We all have different learning styles and we all learn at our own speed. But, there was always a part of me that thought.. “yeah, but, I’m sure the girls will be pretty close in terms of when they learn stuff.” So wrong.

One could claim that it’s harder not to compare your kids because they are exactly the same age, and are being raised in exactly the same manner. You’d expect them to learn everything together, at the same times. But, they don’t. And it would seem that neither one of them has a lead on the other. Watching Shula and Maretta hit all their milestones has been interesting. They seem to trade-off learning something new.

Maretta learned how to roll over first.

Shula learned how to crawl first.

Shula learned how to pull herself up to standing position first.

Maretta learned how to stand unassisted first.

Maretta has grasped feeding herself first.

It really just goes to show that two children, raised under the same roof, with the same rules still manage to grow and learn at their own rate. A lot of other moms I know can’t seem to help with the comparisons: “Mine was walking at eight months.” “Mine said Daddy at just four months.” etc, etc. I do my best not to, because it’s just obvious to me that it really doesn’t matter. Other than the charts that Baby Center sets out, I have no idea where my girls stand compared to other babies. Why stress about it? There is only one thing I’m concerned about and it’s the “Be worried if your baby hasn’t done this yet” section.

It is fun to know whether my girls are ahead of the pack and if they’re geniuses but… I usually keep that stuff to myself, because really… what mom wouldn’t claim to have a genius baby or two?

Do you have genius baby? Or do you even pay attention to the “Milestone Chart”?


One response to “You Are a Unique Snowflake.

  1. Nope. No genius babies. And if I do, I’ll discover that later on. For now I’ll let them play and learn on their own. They’re not fast developers but they’re not ultra-slow either. In most cases: Esmée only just started walking on her own and they’re now 22 months old! Yet I know that her daddy AND her granddaddy were late to start walking so there you go: it’s all genetic. (Lisa was on average with 16 months, I think. I’m not sure and I’m not checking any charts. :D) They do seem to be quick with talking and language though: building sentences already. I wish I could applaud myself for that but, um, I can’t. Not with the late walking in the back of my mind. Hee!

    With twins you do seem to compare them more quickly, you’re probably right. On the other hand, they have been so extremely different from the first second of their lives that sometimes it doesn’t even cross my mind to compare them!

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