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Emotional Over Turning One

on June 10, 2012

The girls first birthday is just around the corner; 6 days!

I’ve come across something peculiar about parents that have children turning one… They are quite emotional! Most of these parents have reported shedding some tears in the days or weeks leading up to Jr.’s birthday. Always with thoughts of “The time is passing too quickly!”, or “I don’t want them to grow up so fast!”. It seems like an odd reaction to something that is inevitable, and something that shouldn’t be a surprise. I’m pretty sure I’ve also heard of this while coming across other milestones such as crawling, or standing. While met with proud excitement and encouragement, a lot of parents seem unwilling to accept that their little baby is slowly growing up.

Although it seems that I’m in the minority on this one, I can’t wait for them to turn one! There are so many exciting things to come in the next couple of years. It seems to be not the most common way of thinking, but I really see each time frame as a stage. And you’re supposed to move through and past different stages right? The “baby” stage is coming to an end, and we’re moving on to the “toddler” stage. I may be looking at it from the wrong angle, but I just think of all the things we hopefully won’t be dealing with anymore; middle of the night feedings, the constant spit-up, crying that doesn’t have a cure. And, we get to look forward to all the things that can only happen when babies grow up! Walking, talking, social interactions, self-sufficiency. They’ll be more like little people and less like helpless puppies.


I don’t feel any less like a parent, or less connected to the girls because I am not emotional, but I wonder if something in my brain hasn’t “clicked” or if I’m missing a deeper meaning to this change. I’m not an emotional person to begin with and I’ve always thought I would be less of a cuddly parent than most. But I must admit I was a little shocked when I heard of how hard this was for some parents to deal with or accept. They aren’t neccesarily wrong in how they are reacting, but it’s something that I can’t seem to really wrap my head around.


5 responses to “Emotional Over Turning One

  1. The 1st birthday is an emotional one for sure.

  2. Katherine Curry-Meria says:

    You are doing just fine! I, too, was so excited for the next stage and seeing my baby (your dad) grow up as he was supposed to. Yes, you are absolutely correct in being happy about your babies becoming toddlers and on and on. It is definitely a merry ride you are on and there will be times that are challenging, to say the least. It is also exciting to experience the marvelous wonder of life in our children. I was able to experience this wonder in my own child, grandchildren and children of relatives and friends and each is different in their own ways. Have a grand time in the next year also, my dear Samantha and don’t worry about reacting to things as others may react because you are your very own special person and however you react is right for you. Enjoy those two baby girls to the very fullest! With much love, your Gramma

  3. Mama Mia says:

    man, I couldn’t WAIT for that first year to be over!!! I loved the first year with my son but with twins… it’s just so DIFFERENT (and I really don’t know if people without twins totally get it but TRUST ME having done “both” kinds of kids it’s different!) The 2nd year (three more months to go!) has been much more fun, even if I was pregnant for all of it so far!

    • samonnier says:

      I am so glad I’m not the only one! I’m a huge researcher, and having read through what you can anticipate the second year.. It seems like much more fun! I’m sure there are downsides as well, but I’m looking forward to better communication (hopefully!) and for their personalities to emerge a little more. Not that the first year wasn’t good too.. but, let’s move on to another stage!! 😀

      • Mama Mia says:

        ya, I tried not to wish away their first year but having had an older child I kinda knew what to look forward to which probably made it harder for me. Right now my girls are 21 months and they are REALLY showing their personalities and quirks. it’s so fun to watch, especially since my girls are SOOOOOO different! like as different as two sisters can be (who happen to be the same age). I love that we have more individual relatioships now, I try to have alone time with one at a time (very hard!) but it’s getting easier because they aren’t always together and doing the same thing even if we’re all in the same room togehter, ya know?

        Oh and if you didn’t see it I have a different blog I used during their first year (I have it linked in favorite posts I think) you might like some of that insanity too 🙂

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