Twin Adventures

Twin girls now rule the house.

Hallowe’en 2012

on October 31, 2012

Like the last, this years Hallowe’en was pretty low key. The girls are only 16 months and I don’t think they’d really enjoy walking/riding around doing the whole Trick-or-Treating thing. But we did go to the in-laws’ house for a small get together.

While Maretta and Shula are still under our complete control, we intend to dress them up exactly how we want them. Sci-Fi movie references? Yes. Showing our Geek through them? Yes. Awesome pictures for their teenage years? Most certainly. With that in mind, this year we went for Star Wars. We had some difficulty choosing just whatStar Wars referencing we’d be doing. Han Solo, Princess Leia, a pair of Ewoks, or a family of Storm Troopers. The Ewoks won out in the end, mostly due to the girls having an issue with things on their heads (we had doubts that Storm Trooper helmets would go over easily). I bought the Ewok and Princess Leia costumes from Party City and a Yoda costume for Jimmie from

Anton’s Han Solo costume was completely DIY (even the Deluxe costume you could buy was pretty… unimpressive). The cargo pants, long sleeve shirt and shoes were already owned and we found the his vest and accessories (toy gun and holster, as well as boot covers) at Value Village. The Princess Leia costume was pretty simple: long white dress, belt, and the Hair. The costume package did come with a wig, but I found it low quality with an uneven part. And, I already have a fair amount of hair so trying to fit a wig on top without a cap of any kind was.. frustrating. I ended up cutting the wig up into pieces and just using it more like extensions than an actual wig.

Star Wars Costume

Shula and Maretta’s costume were mostly just straight out of the package. We did add a few things here and there to make them a little more realistic Ewoks. The “leg warmers” they are wearing are from a stuffed dog we bought from IKEA, strictly for the purpose of cutting its’ legs off! (I ended up sewing his leg holes up because Shula had shown such an attachment to it before I maimed it. We now refer to it as a seal.) I also made our own spears for the girls to tote around with them. Nothing too fancy, some wooden sticks painted brown with silver-painted paper arrowheads attached at the top. It wasn’t long before the arrowheads came apart from the sticks, but they lasted long enough for photos!

Ewoks in the Wild

Happy Hallowe’en everyone! I can’t wait until next year to do something else!

ps. Thanks to Anton’s Mom and Dad for the “natural” and “wild” setting in the background!


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