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Twin girls now rule the house.

Long Overdue Update!

on November 12, 2012

I’m just going to do my best and skip over the fact that there hasn’t been a post for /gasp four months. My excuse is.. twins!

The girls are now almost seventeen months, and it’s thrilling. Crawling is a thing of the past; both girls are excellent walkers and I’d be surprised if running wasn’t far away now. The girls still don’ t have much going on in the way of talking. They both make lots of noises and seem to have their own words for things, but English is not a learned skill yet. They do know a lot of words though. They give out appropriate responses to almost everything we say. “Where’s a book?” “Who wants a clean diaper?” “Let’s go for a walk!” “It’s bath time!”

Teething itself seems to be over for the time being. Both girls have got all eight front teeth, and four molars (an upper and a lower on each side). I have no doubt that their canines are just around the corner though! Cutting molars was quite the event although Maretta seemed to do a bit better than Shula did! Molars. Are. Awesome. It seemed like only after a few days of having molars the girls were chomping through everything! We went from chopping everything they ate to giving them good solid chunks of food. And gagging/choking on food doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore.

On the food front the girls are really just getting whatever Anton and I are eating. We’ve done most the “alert” foods: peanut butter, shellfish, chocolate. The only thing we haven’t really done yet is honey. I’m not too worried, but definitely going to wait until the suggested two-year mark before we do that. I don’t know if we even have honey anywhere in the house! Anton and I don’t have any food allergies/concerns of our own, so I wasn’t too worried about giving the girls anything, although we did stay on alert! We are still doing the majority of the silverware holding. Since it’s what we’ve done from day one I think it’s shown the girls that mealtimes aren’t for playing. Hopefully that translates well when they do start holding their own forks and spoons.

Now that we’ve got ourselves into a nice routine at work and home I’ll be getting back to blogging once a week or so. I’ve definitely got some stuff to say… it’s amazing how much you learn in such a short period when you’ve got twins running around!


2 responses to “Long Overdue Update!

  1. Katherine Curry-Meria says:

    Very cute picture! I always have to say that huh. I love pictures! That’s great about the eating. Aw, go ahead and give them a utensil to eat with. Just take their clothes off and all you have to do is use a wash rag afterwards. That’s what I did with their grampa. hahaha Or! just change the clothes. It can make for some amusing pictures.

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