Twin Adventures

Twin girls now rule the house.

Poop Play

The topic of poop had come up a few weeks ago, and with a sigh of relief I said to Anton “I think we’ve managed to pass the poop playing stage!” Turns out I was wrong. It also turns out the girls love me more than they love their daddy and left the poop play for his day off. While I was at work yesterday I kept getting text messages from Anton…










As you were reading through to the big finale, I hope you got the same sitting-on-pins-and-needles anticipation as I did. And it would seem that one never really gets past the poop play stage.


Winterfest: The Beginning

During the past month my brain has been turning with Christmas and the holidays (which would make sense). Something that seems to constantly come up is holiday traditions. What old traditions to keep? What new ones to make our own? Maretta and Shula aren’t really old enough to understand Christmas, they’re just excited to have new things. Anton and I figure that next year (they’ll be about two and a half) we’ll be able to explain some of the things that happen during December. Which means that we have lots of time to decide what we want December and the holidays to mean for our family.

One of our own traditions that we’d like to start is calling the month of December “Winterfest”. We’re not Christian so we don’t celebrate Christmas for the typical reason; we celebrate it for the whimsy of Santa and the excuse to decorate and spend time with family. We’d love to incorporate the other holidays that are celebrated during the winter season as well; Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah. Just to name a few examples. Anton and I both love the idea of having the girls know about how religions and cultures each have something special to celebrate. Limiting ourselves to celebrating Christmas feels like limiting the knowledge that’s all around us this time of year.

Four Christmas Gifts

Being fairly simple people, I also like the idea of just four gifts. I hate the idea of filling the house with new stuff just for the sake of holidays. While it’s usually quite pretty, I can’t help but shake my head whenever I see a picture of someones’ Christmas Tree and the gifts that take up the entire living room floor! As a child I remember our tree/living room looked like that, but there were seven of us!

We’ll definitely have some of the traditions that I had when I was growing up. My most memorable tradition has always been New Pyjamas. Christmas Eve we all got to open one present and it was always a new pair of Pjs. I think at the time we may have been a bit disappointed, but looking back now it was such a great way to start the night, and we were all ready for pictures during the next mornings festivities! So far we’ve stuck to this one (two years and counting; yay!)…

Winterfest 2011

New PJs 2011

Winterfest 2012

New PJs 2012








                                                                      Another tradition that I’d like to continue is driving around to see all the decorated houses! This is something the girls were able to enjoy this year, and fortunately the weekly drive to Grandma and Grandpa’s house is full of beautifully lit houses. One hopes that next year they’ll be a little bigger and we won’t have to worry so much about whether they can see out of the car or not. We did catch their eyes following the lights as we passed so we’ll just move on with the assumption that they got to enjoy the lights!

And of course we’ll continue to do a yearly Winterfest Photo Shoot! I know our family and friends love to see the girls in the yearly Christmas Cards and I don’t plan on stopping that tradition!

We’re starting small but as 2013 continues on I’ll keep updating my Pinterest board with anything that spikes my interest and as the girls’ ages progress, we’ll add on what seems appropriate!

Happy Winterfest 2012!


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Animal Sounds

We got a great book for the girls’ first birthday. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (Slide and Find). We are pretty sure that this is Maretta and Shula’s favourite book. It features all sorts of animals and Anton and I have gotten into the habit of making the noises of the animals as we pass them in the book. This is what happens whenever you mention specific animals…

*a quick note: Even though they didn’t repeat all the sounds back, they know all the ones that I asked. They just wanted to get back to their bedtime bottle!


Christmas Cards

This is the second Christmas that the girls have been around for. Although we think they are still too young to start traditions that they understand, we’ve already got a few things that we’ll continue for years and years to come. A Christmas photo shoot followed by Christmas cards are the first thing we take care of once the holiday season rolls around.

Pinterest is my enemy and I find many pictures of cute photo shoots that I’d love to do with the girls. They are only 18 months so still a bit young to follow direction, which means that I usually pass up on these cute shoots and instead just try and work on getting a picture with both of them smiling and in focus. If you’ve read my post Photography, you’ll know just how difficult that can be.

Christmas 2011

Last year (6 months old) we wound up doing a couple of different “winter” themed photo shoots. During our first snow (sometime in November) we plunked them down for their first “snow experience”. The other winter photo shoot we did was of the girls in their Christmas Jammies. We put them in their Bumbos in front of the decorated tree and also in front of a “decor” tree in their bedroom. No one was really co-operative for any of the photo shoots, but we ended up going with one of the photos from their Snow Day.

Winter 2011Christmas 2011

This year the girls are actually aware of their surroundings and I managed to get them sitting still, where I wanted them for a few seconds at a time! Those of you with toddlers know how difficult this is.. those of you without toddlers, you are so lucky. I went with something simple: I didn’t want to try and get too creative and have to deal with subduing any temper tantrums that would most certainly show up. I grabbed one of our white quilted duvets and threw it over our sofa chair. I completely arranged our dining room so I could capture the daylight coming in from the largest window in our apartment (actually the sliding glass door that leads to the balcony). But it was worth it! Both Maretta and Shula were in great moods and seemed to agree with their clothing choices. Although I did spend about half my time chasing at least one child around the house, I did get some pictures and a few of them were even usable!

Christmas 2012 Christmas 2012










Maretta, enjoying herself immensely!                     Shula, pulling her look-how-cute-I-am face.

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

The Chosen Picture.                                                           The Final Result!



Happy Shy December!

Wow. Cannot believe it is December already! Christmas is almost here, 2013 is almost here. It just seems like yesterday we were doing the girls’ first Christmas! Well.. no, it feels like it’s been a year. Although it is December now, it still feels a little early to actually be talking Christmas so I think we’ll pass on that for a couple more weeks. Instead I’m going to touch on shyness.

Maretta and Shula are both pretty vocal; always toddling around the apartment shouting gibberish at one another, squealing when they play crawl-tag and quite responsive when we push them to do or say things. This completely changes whenever another person is added to the mix. They both become quite shy and usually just stare at everything, wide-eyed in some kind of shock. It doesn’t really worry me too much; my younger siblings went through phases of being shy and they both turned out to be fairly social. The girls usually warm up to whoever they’re with or the different environment if you give them some time but, other kids seem to just jump right in! Sometimes though, when I hang out with other moms that have kids the same or younger, I wonder if mine are a bit lacking. My girlfriend M has a son that is almost a year old and whenever we get together he squawks and squeals, while my girls just kinda.. stare at him.

When we went to my sister’s wedding back in October I spent most of the time with one of her other sisters, S. She has a little girl that was just over a year old and she was so social! She was running all around before and during the reception having the greatest time! Shula and Maretta were glued to Anton and I. Mind you, this was an event with about 200 people in attendance so I didn’t expect much from them. Eventually they did loosen up, but I think it was more to do with being over tired than actually being social.

Don’t get me wrong… I have no problem with them being shy, now or for the rest of their life. I just find it interesting that I have yet to see a baby or toddler act the same way as my girls do..

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