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Happy Shy December!

on December 1, 2012

Wow. Cannot believe it is December already! Christmas is almost here, 2013 is almost here. It just seems like yesterday we were doing the girls’ first Christmas! Well.. no, it feels like it’s been a year. Although it is December now, it still feels a little early to actually be talking Christmas so I think we’ll pass on that for a couple more weeks. Instead I’m going to touch on shyness.

Maretta and Shula are both pretty vocal; always toddling around the apartment shouting gibberish at one another, squealing when they play crawl-tag and quite responsive when we push them to do or say things. This completely changes whenever another person is added to the mix. They both become quite shy and usually just stare at everything, wide-eyed in some kind of shock. It doesn’t really worry me too much; my younger siblings went through phases of being shy and they both turned out to be fairly social. The girls usually warm up to whoever they’re with or the different environment if you give them some time but, other kids seem to just jump right in! Sometimes though, when I hang out with other moms that have kids the same or younger, I wonder if mine are a bit lacking. My girlfriend M has a son that is almost a year old and whenever we get together he squawks and squeals, while my girls just kinda.. stare at him.

When we went to my sister’s wedding back in October I spent most of the time with one of her other sisters, S. She has a little girl that was just over a year old and she was so social! She was running all around before and during the reception having the greatest time! Shula and Maretta were glued to Anton and I. Mind you, this was an event with about 200 people in attendance so I didn’t expect much from them. Eventually they did loosen up, but I think it was more to do with being over tired than actually being social.

Don’t get me wrong… I have no problem with them being shy, now or for the rest of their life. I just find it interesting that I have yet to see a baby or toddler act the same way as my girls do..


One response to “Happy Shy December!

  1. jkmeria says:

    I think they are observers and careful. I agree, shy is okay. When we have been with them they eventually warm up and yes, the wedding was a big bunch of unknown people! Plus the fact that they had ridden in the car for a very long distance and long time for them. I have also heard that twins have their own little world sometimes. Also, you told me that since they were born earlier than the prescribed time, they have a little catching up to do. I think it is all very fine also. I’m with you Samantha! Love you!

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