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Friday Fun with Toddlers!

on February 8, 2013

See? It’s a good thing that I came up with this idea… I can’t believe it’s been a week since my last post; where do the days go?! Ohhh right… Toddlers. Which brings me to this Friday Fun post…

Fine Motor Skills: Pipe Cleaners and a Strainer

This is one idea I’d seen many times on Pinterest and a few different blogs, but I had a pretty hard time finding one before we started this activity; even with Google and Pinterest** at my disposal! I finally found one to link back to though, and it was a great simple post. Thanks Toddler Boredom Busters! I get the feeling, with a name like that, I may be back to that blog for more ideas…

  • Find some pipe cleaners! The girls are only 20 months, so we aren’t really at the “crafty” stage. This means that we didn’t actually have any pipe cleaners on hand (thanks to my mom, I was raised thinking that was a household staple!) but I found some at our local Canadian Superstore. I’m sure any dollar or craft store would have them. Or any place with a craft or stationary section.
  • Grab a strainer! I almost went out and bought a new strainer (colander) for this activity because most of the strainers that we have all have TINY holes. Your strainer will need to have good size holes to fit the pipe cleaners through.
  • Let your kid(s) have at it!

I really liked the look of this activity. Shula seems to be very intuitive when it comes to her fine motor skills, so this was right up her alley! I sat both the girls down with the pipe cleaners and one strainer and showed them how to put the pipe cleaners into the strainer. They both got in to it right away (maybe Shula more than Maretta). Shula really enjoyed threading the pipe cleaners in and then pushing them all the way down. They both tried different styles of playing: using the strainer as a container and putting the pipe cleaners inside, wearing the strainer as a hat, and putting the pipe cleaners through the handles instead of the holes. By the end of the activity (this one lasted about 15-20 minutes!), it had turned into a “Let’s-put-everything-we-can-find-into-the-strainer” game!

Pipe Cleaners with Strainer Pipe Cleaners with Strainer Pipe Cleaners with Strainer Pipe Cleaners with Strainer










It didn’t take long for a… “disagreement” to arise about who should hold, and sit in front of the strainer; I think if we were to do this activity again I would try and find another strainer so they could each have their own to play with. Some times they are great with sharing… other times not so much!

Come back next Friday and see what else Maretta and Shula get up to!

**Wanna see what other Toddler stuff I’m looking into? Follow me on Pinterest.


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