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Friday Fun with Toddlers!

on February 22, 2013

Another week, come and gone. I cannot believe how fast time passes sometimes!

Pom Pom Sorting

Another idea inspired by Pinterest and blog-browsing. But, I don’t have anyone to link to… there are a bunch of posts out there with different variations. None of them are really what we we did or what I was basing the activity on, so I’ll just link-less this week!

  • Grab a muffin tin; any size with any number of muffin spots.
  • Grab some assorted pom poms; different sizes and colours can make it more interesting.
  • Sit back and enjoy!

This was a great activity! At 20 months, we are in the midst of learning colours and this activity really promoted that. Learning from one of our previous activities, I provided two muffin tins so there would be less arguing over who-got-to-hold-what. After showing them that you could put the pom poms in and out of the muffins tins I let the girls take control; we didn’t really focus on “sorting” per say. We didn’t try doing any big vs. small, or sorting by colour, etc.

Pom Poms in Muffin Tins Pom Poms in Muffin Tins Pom Poms in Muffin Tins Pom Poms in Muffin Tins

I bought an “assorted” pack of craft pom poms and if I were to do the activity again I would make sure to only have medium and large size pom poms. Shula and Maretta were closely supervised because of how small some of the pom poms were. This could also be a “soother in” activity so there’s no temptation to put the pom poms in mouths. This was one of the longer lasting activities so far… probably a good twenty or thirty minutes before they were losing interest. Once they forgot about the muffin tins, they tried sorting pom poms into the dogs’ mouth… As it would turn out dogs are not very easy to force-feed pom poms to!


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