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Friday Fun with Toddlers!

on March 18, 2013

I apologize for the tardiness… this week’s “Friday” is posted on Sunday due to a baby shower and sick toddlers. Without further ado…

Cheerio Threading

I’ve seen this one a few times while browsing Pinterest. The most frequent picture belongs to i’m going to make it (after all).

  • Mounds of Play-Doh make a good, secure base to do our “threading”
  • Poke some raw spaghetti noodles (or toothpicks) into the bases
  • Hand to your toddler with a bowl/plate of cheerios (froot loops would probably work too)

When I read the original post, I thought they had mentioned wooden skewers (with ends chopped off) not raw noodles. We didn’t have any skewers (or open packages of spaghetti noodles) so we wound up going with toothpicks that had the pokey bits cut off. This activity could also be filed under “Snack Time”.

Cheerio Threading

Cheerio Threading   Cheerio Threading

Both Maretta and Shula grasped the concept pretty quickly, although Maretta was quite a bit more interested in eating the Cheerios than threading them. While it was raw noodles that were originally suggested, I do like how appropriately sized the toothpicks were. If we were to do it again, I’d probably use the raw noodles but snap them in half. At 21-months, their fine motor skills are quite developed so there wasn’t very much fumbling or learning curve. Cheerio Threading lasted about 15 minutes before the girls were pulling the toothpicks out of the Play-Doh (Hello, Safety Hazard!).

Great activity but with a few sidenotes… Whatever you use for the Cheerios to be threaded onto; this is definitely a “closely supervised” activity. It would not take much for that size of “stick” to wind up the wrong way in a mouth or down a throat. Another tip to offer… the Cheerios won’t fit on anything much bigger than a toothpick or raw noodle (no skewers, chopsticks, etc.)

Oh! And a shout out to Anton, who did the activity this week while I was out working. ❤


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