Twin Adventures

Twin girls now rule the house.

Friday Fun with Toddlers!

This week’s activity is a bit of an easy one, but the girls really go for it!

Shape Sorting!

There are so many different ways to sort shapes. This particular way costs money but requires no prep work to put together. Wooden shape sorting boxes are one of the greatest toys that we’ve had since the girls came along.

Shape Sorting

Shape Sorting Shape Sorting

The two particular models that we have are a Melissa & Doug box (Shula’s playing with on the left) and a Blue Hat Toy Company box (Maretta’s playing with it on the right). Both boxes are almost identical except for the lids. This is nice because it means the pieces are fairly interchangeable. Both boxes do have a suggested Play Age of 2+. The girls have been actively using them since about 16-months. (Obviously, the results weren’t as great then as they are now at 21-months!)

The shape sorting boxes are HUGE hit in our house. They get pulled out and played with daily. If Anton and I want to be more involved when they’re playing with the shapes, we’ll grab a handful of shapes and ask them to find a specific one. Or ask them to find the oval or the square and have them point it out on the box as well. Lately we’ve also been using the shapes as a tool for learning colours!

A note for other twin parents: We don’t usually buy two of each “kind” of toy. We’ve only recently gotten the second sorting box (a gift from the girls’ Great-Grandma), but it has been soo nice having two. I definitely wouldn’t suggest going out and getting a second of all your toys but there are some things that are more enjoyable when they each have their own to play with! And these boxes are very much worth it!

A good reminder that a Toddler Activity doesn’t have to have a lot of prep work put in to it or be particularly special; it’s just about putting some time aside for a bit of “structured” playtime.

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Friday Fun with Toddlers!

Another two weeks, another fun activity!

Coloured Ball Sorting

Anton mentioned this activity to me after he happened across it while internet surfing. No link to offer with this activity, but on the other hand I don’t think anyone has done it in quite the same way!

  • You’ll need some small to medium sized bowls in assorted colours
  • as well as some balls or eggs in assorted colours

This was a good activity to kick March and Easter off with. I wound up buying all the supplies I needed (which is the case a lot of the time since we’re first time parents and lacking in the “craft items”) and it only cost me about $5.00. I picked up an egg dying kit and we used the bowls that it came with. I also bought some plastic Easter eggs as our “balls”. These choices worked fairly well, although the bowls were odd shades of the real colours. Pink and orange were very similar, as were the blue and green.

Colour Sorting Colour Sorting Colour Sorting  Colour SortingColour Sorting

Maretta and Shula really liked the plastic eggs, they were constantly “popping” them apart and trying to get them back together, cue the “Momma! Help!”. Colours aren’t something that my 21-month-old’s have got yet, we’ve done very little focusing on them in the past few months. Both the girls can say all the colours, and understand that they are talking about colours… but the colour names don’t always pair up probably with the right colours! And they are both pretty stubborn about it!

Maretta: “Blue!”

Me: “No sweetie, Orange.”

Maretta: “Blue!”

Me: “Orange.”

Maretta: “Blue!”

Me: “Okay.. here, this one is Blue!”

Maretta: “Orange!”

So, this activity was a little less about sorting the eggs by colour and more about just putting the eggs into whatever bowl they felt suited them. Shula also found a lot of enjoyment out of stacking the bowls, and carrying the tray full of eggs around.

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