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Twin girls now rule the house.

Happy Valentines’ Day!

Another ‘holiday’ another photo shoot! I am by no means a professional, but I do love pulling out my camera and using my small creative side to produce some “Awe, so cute!” responses out of my friends any family. Mind you, half my job is done just by having two toddlers as my models! That being said; toddlers are also a handful at the best of times and then you try and put them into outfits and pose. It can lead to a bit of a disaster! We managed to snap our pictures over the span of a day, taking 10 or 15 shots and then taking a break of an hour to three hours; rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat. I’ll let some of the pictures tell the story…

2013 Valentines'2013 Valentines'

2013 Valentines'2013 Valentines'2013 Valentines'

2013 Valentines'



















Between every two or three pictures there was bribing with stuffed animals and books, lots of funny faces from Daddy, and the occasional promise of treats (don’t judge!). After the first few tries Maretta decided she didn’t like the shirts and whenever I attempted to put on on her she’d immediately start whining. After a bit of editing I came out with this for our final project:

2013 Valentines'

The shirts were a quick and easy DIY. I bought some plain white shirts on clearance from Wal-Mart and found some spare red fleece fabric in my sewing box. I used some light pink thread (to create some cutsie contrast that doesn’t translate in the photos) and hand sewed the fleece onto the shirts (each shirt has a half heart along the inside seam).

Happy Valentines’ Day everyone! Make sure to shout your love from the rooftops!



We love Space.

We live in 1200sq.ft apartment. Space is a precious commodity. 

The girls are now as mobile as you can get without walking. They crawl the length of our living room in a matter of seconds. Shula has been twisting 180° in her rocking chair for a couple of months now. This morning, Daddy caught Maretta *out* of her chair (in which she had been buckled). There is little we can do to contain them this days. But we can’t let them roam too far without having to redirect or intervene. We certainly don’t want to squash their adventurous sides though! The answer to our lack of space problem? New lay out!

Anton and I are thinkers, and procrastinators. We can’t really make any solid decisions, so deciding on a new layout that suited all of our needs and wants was a little more than difficult. We’ve been trying to make these decisions since before I got pregnant. I think we had different reasons back then though. We have somehow managed to overcome these flaws in the last few weeks. We’ve actually made some decisions, rearranged some things, and bought some new furniture pieces.

Now, after getting our living room ninety-percent done, the main word that sums it all up is… SPACE! So much space and freedom. Some might say it lacks design (“to plan or fashion artistically or skillfully”) but it works for us on so many levels. Right now, we have a couch under our bay window, our tv on a wicked bookcase from IKEA, an ottoman, a chair and our dining room table. And a small desk and chair for my computer. All of this items are up against one of the walls, which leaves a fairly empty room. The girls love being able to crawl without an obstructions and Anton and I no longer trip or bump into oddly placed furniture. (Okay, it was mostly me bumping into things).
I think one of the greatest things about it though, is that we (the adults) are more inclined to get down on the floor and be more involved. No uncomfortable coffee table to bump into our backs and lots of room to spread our limbs out. It’s also nice to know that there’s nothing for the girls to get into. All the wires and cords for the tv and computers are skillfully hidden behind large pieces of furniture and there is no longer a pile of crap on the coffee table; which was a problem because the girls could pull themselves up to the coffee table and take everything off.

We’ve fallen in love with storage bins. Not the big Rubbermaid tubs, but nice-looking storage solutions. We’ve got a bin for toys, and a bin for bibs and clothes. A bin for the dvds/games and a bin for remotes. A bin for our batteries and battery charger. Bins, bins, bins. Whoever came up with the idea of storage bins.. that person is now on top of my “OMG, You’re my favourite person EVER” list. (Yes, I have one). We’ve also started organizing and storing the girls’ toys a little differently. Montessori style; more child accessible. The computer tower isn’t in the greatest position, so we’ll move it onto the top of the shelving, beside/behind the monitor.

At the time, I really wanted to redo our living space before the girls’ arrived. I think it’s one of the things people do when they’re pregnant. But, I’m glad that we procrastinated until now. I don’t think the space concept would’ve been such a consideration before we knew what our needs would be. Now, to finish that ten percent… We need a new couch (we’re still rolling with the one Anton had before we met) and we need to get rid of the bookcase. Bookcases and babies.. not the greatest match. But, I’m really happy with what we’ve got so far. It’s the same feeling I had when I bought my Rav4. Total contentedness.

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