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Twin girls now rule the house.

Happy Hallowe’en!

Happy Hallowe’en to everyone out there!

Miss Kitty & Jill o'Lantern

We live in an apartment building so Hallowe’en has been fairly uneventful for the three or four years we’ve lived here. I think we’ve never had more than one trick-or-treater ever come to our door. This year was no different. I even made sure to fully decorate our door a week ahead of time so that our neighbours were aware we were “Open For Business”.

Putting our lack of door-knockers aside, we had some fun. I thought our girls were cute before, but after dressing them up; I don’t know if anything could top theirĀ  cuteness level! Shula was a little kitty kat and Maretta went as Jack o’ Lantern. I was an Angel, and after a little bit of persusassion and begging, Anton got suited up as Batman. The girls wore their costumes all evening and Anton and I just wore ours for the pictures and our evening walk.

Even though there was no candy eating to speak of, I think the girls First Hallowe’en was just perfect.