Twin Adventures

Twin girls now rule the house.

Eight Month Old Twins

Ours girls are eight months old! Boy does time fly.

Fortunately, Anton and I are not the type of parents that are too worried about milestones. Whenever we get reading on the subject, it’s usually just to skip to the “If your baby isn’t doing these things you should talk to your doctor” section. As long as they aren’t so lacking that it’s a problem, we aren’t too concerned. Other parents are doing more than enough worrying for all of us. Because honestly.. have you ever met a thirty-year-old that can’t crawl? I don’t think so.

Putting those thoughts aside, I still like to compile a list every month. Mostly so that our out-of-town family (which means pretty much all family) can know how the girls are doing, without me having to come up with different creative ways to get it across. I love going with Baby Center; since they have the milestones all lined up nicely, and it may be doctorish but I like to arrange these milestones with bullet points.

Says “mama” or “dada” to parents (isn’t specific)

Both our girls babble. “baba” “dada” “mama” “gaga” “googoo”. I’m convinced they still have no idea what they are saying, or what/who they are taking about. So.. yes? no? I’ll let ya know when they can say “Mommy” and “Daddy” and “Jimmie”.

Passes objects from hand to hand

Oh yeah. Our babies have got this one down pat. They pass things from hand to hand, they pass things from their hand to our hand, they pass things from their hand to their twins’ hand. Objects are hard to keep track of these days. “Didn’t Shula just have that soother?!” “Yeah. But Maretta’s got it now!”. It’s not always “passing” though. Both girls have a tendency to “take” things.

Stands while holding onto things

For sure. Meta’s been doing it for awhile now. Meta loooves being praised. We’re always sure to praise when good things happen or the girls accomplish something. So, in turn, she loooves standing. Shula stands as well but she is much more interested in crawling


Yes. Shula crawls all the over the place these days. It’s actually getting difficult to contain her. Maretta can crawl as well, although she seems happier to just chill in one place, or roll over.

Points at objects

I haven’t noticed any pointing. Well, pointing that has any meaning behind it. They do twist their hands and fingers into all sorts of configurations, but I’m not sure if any of it is pointing.

Searches for hidden objects

Yes, although this isn’t a game they seem particularly fond of. Unless it’s searching for Mommy or Daddy. With Shula’s crawling ability, she’ll come and look for you. And she’s pretty good at it too. Came and found me in the kitchen this evening while I was running a bath. (Yes, we bathe in the sink these days.)

Pulls self to standing/Cruises

Thank god no! That would mean… we’d have to lower their crib mattresses! They’re only just figuring out how to pull themselves up into a sitting position.

Picks things up with thumb-finger pincer grasp

Uh.. Yes? Possibly no… We don’t have a lot of things in the house that would be “pincer” friendly. Mostly they play with wooden blocks and large stuffed animals. Both of which require a full handed grab. We haven’t really introduced any pincer worthy foods either. Just doing Parent-Fed spoon feeding.

Indicates wants with gesture

Well, when they see a bottle they throw their hands up and open their mouth like a fish. And same when they want their pacifier. Does that count? Hm, actually.. I think those may be their only “wants”.

Miscellaneous Milestones

Teeth. Shula’s got four now. Two top, two bottom. Maretta has three, possibly four. Two bottom and definitely one top, possibly another top.

Personalities. They are showing more and more these days. Maretta is very laid back. She likes to watch and absorb the things going on around her. Shula is a bit of a diva. She gets emotional and has to have things her way. There are some things that go back and forth though. One day it feels like Shula is dominating; taking all the toys, being a bully, etc. But the next day it’s like Maretta is seeking her revenge. So, I wouldn’t say one of the girls is always the “bully” or always the “push over”. Definitely goes back and forth.

So, all in all… I think they are fairly on track with where they should be. They may not have everything down pat just yet, but why rush it? I look forward to bragging about my girls when they are walking and talking, but for now… I’ll just brag about the things they have already accomplished. While I was writing this, I happened to look ahead to the nine month milestones. Ugh. Things are about to get interesting!


Our Hospital Stay

We gave birth at Lions Gate Hospital, in North Vancouver.

The staff at the hospital was, for the most part, awesome. They gave us all the peace we wanted but were there in a flash if we needed anything.

Our prep nurse was a good sport; she let my family (Four adults, two kids) stay in our pre-op room up until it was time to deliver babies. The nurses in the delivery room were all very nice and supportive and even offered to take one of our two cameras to take pictures from the other view, including when the babies were delivered, and weighed, and took a great “First family Picture”. Our maternity ward nurses were great also. We never needed them too much. Anton and I had been prepping and gearing ourselves up for whatever was going to be ahead of us in the hospital, and I also had my mom there the whole time (except for during the nigh) so there was always a family member around to give us a break, if we needed one.

New Daddy catchin' some Zzzz...

The only complaint I really have is the constant badgering about breastfeeding! Now, to give a tiny bit of context here… I was more than willing and happy to breastfeed my babies. Anton and I had discussed feeding a lot throughout my pregnancy and we had decided that we could go 50/50 breastmilk and formula. There are advantages to both, no matter what some people will tell you. We wanted to give our babies the best, and that meant adding a bit of formula to the mix as well. Also, right after we gave birth and the pediatrician came in to congratulate and check on us, he told us that “No matter what your feelings are, you’re going to need to supplement with formula. At least for the first little while.” I was two weeks early and my milk hadn’t really started producing.

So, whenever the babies were hungry, I put them to my bare chest and we gave breastfeeding a try. My little girls did not have “latching” down; at all. Shula didn’t open her mouth wide enough, no matter what kind of tricks we used. And Maretta didn’t seem interested whenever she had a nipple in her mouth. Kinda just.. sat there and stared at me. But, this one nurse was bound and determined to make breastfeeding work for us.

After twenty minutes of Anton and I trying on our own, she would come in and make us all sit and try again for another twenty minutes. Don’t get me wrong! I appreciate the help! But.. I was exhausted and frustrated. My babies were exhausted, frustrated, and not to mention… Hungry! The nurse kept explaining to us  that we needed to get the babies some breastmilk otherwise they would wind up in the NICU with low blood sugar. We kept asking about supplementing with formula, but she wouldn’t hear it. At all.

Eventually one of the veteran nurses stepped in and brought us some formula to start feeding them. Thank god. I was happy to not see that one nurse again for the rest of our stay. In my opinion, she was too set on breastfeeding. Anton and I decided on our newest catch phrase… “Breast is best, but bottle ain’t bad.” Because, we aren’t bad parents for giving our girls formula and the Public Health Nurses shouldn’t make us feel that way!

Four Generations...

We didn’t get any sleep at ALL the first night. It only occured to me a few days after we left the hospital that we probably could’ve asked the nurses to take the girls for a few hours so we could get some sleep. Anton did most of the work for the hospital stay, as I could barely get up to use the washroom, let alone bend over and pick babies up! He was a super dad right from the beginning and I’m not sure I would’ve been able to cope without him there with me!

Most of my family and a few of my friends made it to the hospital to see our newest additions. Even my grandmother in-law endured a 2 hour (4 hour round trip!) car ride to come see us. It was great to see everyone’s support.

The hospital stay actually passed by really quickly, which was nice because I couldn’t wait to get back home and settle in with our two new bundles!

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