Twin Adventures

Twin girls now rule the house.

You Think You’ve Got it…

….and then it all falls apart.

You think, “Have I learnt nothing over the last ten-and-a-half months?!”

Last night was a night like any other. Bedtime routine went smoothly. Both girls were bathed, clothed, fed, and in their beds by eight o’clock. Anton and I retired to the living room to watch a movie. Not a peep from the girls all evening. 11:30 rolls around and Shula wakes up. Soother… check, clean diaper… check, small bottle… check, Orajel and Tylenol… check. I swear we hit every single mark in the book! Nothing worked for our poor baby. After listening to her cry for a while, I decided to lay down with her on the couch. That didn’t help either. She couldn’t seem to get comfortable. Laying together didn’t work, laying on her own didn’t work. She eventually fell asleep in her rocking chair… at 2:30! Ugh.

I like to think this doesn’t happen very often; usually I’ve got it together, a “Supermom” if you will, but last night I felt helpless and little lost.


A Busy and Exciting Week

This week has been full of new milestones and experiences. Both girls have really mastered crawling. Shula still with an army crawl and Maretta has a full hands and knees crawl. Very deliberate and perfected. Since they are both mobile, we’ve had to put a lot of thought into baby proofing. We’ve been managing alright so far; mostly by just watching them closely and moving them if they get too far or start touching things we don’t want them to. It’s a little more difficult now because they are actually pretty fast! You look away for one second and they are across the room!

Anton spent one of his days off this week dealing with our entertainment center. It’s not contained or behind closed cabinet doors, so we had a lot of exposed cables. Anton tidied it up so we no longer need to worry about it. We were/are looking into getting some new living room furniture. Our sofa and chair bit the dust a while ago and it’d be great to have some pieces that are a little more kid friendly. Although we’ve been talking about it for a while (the sofa has been a topic since we moved in together, four years ago!) we still aren’t settled on what exactly we want and, with the girls, we can’t really load up the car with new stuff so we need to be selective/smart about our shopping trips.

Okay, back to the babies… Once they got crawling figured out, it seems like they have been doing something new almost every day. After crawling Shula figured out how to pull herself up into a standing position using the furniture for support. Once we saw her do this a couple of times, we realized we’d have to lower her crib. We got to work and got it lowered that evening before bedtime. (Hooray for IKEA and their simplistic furniture!) It was just the next day when we watched Maretta grab the couch and pull herself up as well. So, lowered her crib as well. Unfortunately, this means that we can’t use their cribs as the “changing stations” anymore. The girls grew too big for the real change table a month or two ago. We got a smaller one, from IKEA, that would fit in the nursery better. The downfall being, of course, that it didn’t last them past six or seven months. So now we are changing the girls on the floor in the nursery. I told Anton yesterday, “It’s alright… getting up and down equals more cardio, right?!”
So now that both girls are pulling themselves up and standing, we can look forward to cruising (taking steps while holding onto things). You can tell that both girls really want to do it. They make the most subtle foot movements. Kinda like walking in place. And just this morning I watched Shula climb from the floor into her rocking chair. It’s so great to watch them actually learning. To see them in a tough spot with something and watch them figure it out all on their own is amazing. A good example is when they are sitting in their rocking chairs and they drop a toy. Instead of waiting for mommy or daddy to pick it up, they’ve learned to reach forward and they can pick it up themselves! I cannot wait to see what the next days/week/month bring! Being a parent is sooo exciting!

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