Twin Adventures

Twin girls now rule the house.

Twin Essentials: 0-6 months

We are well past our six month mark. I thought I would look back and see what things really made a difference in our lives. I know a lot of people have a tendency of buying a whole bunch of stuff that is not necessary and I aim to nip that in the bud, one blog reader at a time!

Need to Have 

Graco Quattro Tour Double Stroller Probably the greatest piece of equipment we’ve got. This stroller has been a lifesaver. One of the requirements of our stroller was that it took two car seats at the same time. You would think this would be pretty standard, but it seems that most double strollers out there are meant for an older and a younger child; not two children of the same age. When we go out in the car, it takes less than a minute to put both car seats and the stroller in the car. Super efficient and easy.
Graco SungRide35 Carseat We picked these because they have the highest weight limits for an infant car seat. Depending on how tall our little girls turn out to be, these should last until they are between twelve and eighteen months old. Putting them in the car is also SUPER easy. We’ve installed the bases in our car and it just takes a *snap* and the car seats are in securely.

Somnat Cribs (IKEA) Cribs are a bit of necessity, even if you’re co-sleeping you want a place to put your babies where you know they aren’t going to get into anything. These ones were some of the cheapest cribs we could find, but they seem to be pretty good quality.

Bouncy Chairs We started out by just laying the girls on the coffee table on top of blankets, but they could only last so long before they were getting too big. Then we moved them into their car seats. We stuffed a blanket into each one of the car seats so it wasn’t too much of an angle. Then when the girls were about two months old, we bought bouncy chairs. Our bouncy chairs were nice, although they took up a bit of room and didn’t fold into a smaller size. The girls outgrew them by the time they were seven months old. A great beginner chair. Loved the “sling” style of the chair.

Snugli We were originally going to go with the Baby K’tan Wrap, but it never worked for us. The babies never seemed to like them. So we bought some cheap Snuglis and they are the greatest things ever! We use them every single day on our evening walks. We also used to use them for “up time”, while we were doing chores we’d carry them around so their bodies had a chance to be upright and straightened, but now that they are older we don’t do that as much because we put them down on the floor for “tummy time” instead.







Nice to Have

Eddie Bauer Playard We never used the “extras”. The add-on changing area didn’t get much use, because of the hanging bassinet. It was just as easy to use the bassinet instead of having the changing area attached. We stopped using the music player fairly quickly (batteries didn’t last very long and they are kind of a pain in the ass to change) and we actually only started using the mobile recently. Shula likes to watch it spin. The hanging bassinet was a saving grace. We used it for the girls to sleep in while they were sleeping in our room for the first few weeks. Now that the girls are a little older we use it as a cage.

Sniglar Change Table (IKEA) Our change table is nice, it has storage underneath which is where we put our cloth diapers and pjs. The girls seem to be outgrowing it though. We aren’t too worried because it is a fairly simple design so we think we’ll be able to make use of it somewhere else in the house (extra storage in another room). If we hadn’t have bought the change table, I’m sure we could have made-do with changing them on the floor/couch/coffee table/crib/etc. It did however save both of our backs from giving out!

Didn’t Hit the Mark

Ducky BathTub  We loved the duck, and it only cost $15. It was so cute and it quacked when you pressed its’ nose. Then Christmas time came around. With all the baby gear in our apartment, there isn’t much space to erect a tree, so we put it on the dining room table. Alas, that’s where we would put the Duck Tub to bathe the girls. So we decided to use the sink for the holidays and once the tree was gone we’d go back to our Duck. As it turns out.. bathing in the sink is soo much easier! We don’t have to bend forward and it doesn’t take as much prep time because you don’t have to blow up and fill the bath. However, we did invest in some Grippy Dotsso the girls weren’t slipping and sliding all over the sink. In the case of the Ducky Tub, or any tub for that matter, I’d say pass if you’ve got a regular sized kitchen sink. Works just as well.
Bumbo Chairs A bit of a disappoint for me. I thought the Bumbo chairs would be something great for the girls to sit up in. But, it turns out that they couldn’t really use them until they had enough strength to hold their heads and backs up. By the time they were able to do that, they don’t have any interest in sitting still.  Their muscles have gone from not developed enough to sit in the chairs to being developed enough that all they try and do is get out of the chairs now. So glad I bought mine second hand, because I don’t think they are worth the $65+ that one would spend on a new chair.
Of course, I didn’t mention all the small things that we couldn’t have done without… bottles, bowls, diapers (cloth and disposable).We managed to do a pretty good job of not buying stuff that we didn’t see a *need* for. No exersaucers, no jolly jumpers, etc. etc. Nice and simple, just the way we do everything.
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6 Month Update

We’ve entered into a new chapter; “Six to Twelve Months”. We’ll start small though, and focus on just the sixth month for now.

According to BabyCenter (one of my favourite baby websites!) we can expect our girls to:

  • Turn towards sounds and voices….. Check for both! Any noise in the house deserves complete attention.
  • Imitate sounds, blow bubbles….. Check for both! I wish Shula would be a little less messy with her bubble blowing!
  • Roll in both directions….. Check for both! Maretta has got the rolling mastered. Shula can do it.. but she doesn’t show as much interest.
  • Reach for objects and “mouth” them….. Check for both! All I can say… ew, drool.
  • Sit without support….. Half-check? Meta is getting there.. maybe two or three seconds at a time. Shula, not so much. She likes to bend forward. I wouldn’t consider it sitting though.
  • Be ready for solid foods….. Big fat check! And loving it! Although we tried a Chicken Vegetable Casserole the other night… Not a fan favourite. We’ll stick with simple foods for a bit longer.
  • Lunge forward and possibly start crawling….. No! No crawling yet, thank god. It’s coming though. They’ve got the arm movement, and the leg movement. Now, they just need co-ordination!
  • Jabber or combine syllables….. No idea. Sure, they jabber but I couldn’t tell you if they’re combining syllables or not.
  • Drag objects towards themselves….. Check! We’ve certainly noticed an increase in toy interest.

So, just starting our sixth month and the girls seem quite on track. Which is nice, considering they were a bit early. We’ve definitely been increasing the amount of time they spend sitting. Our doctor mentioned it at our sixth month check-up:

“Are they sitting unsupported yet?”

“Uh… no.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine! Should come anytime now. If it doesn’t happen by eight months, let me know.”

So now, of course, I’m obsessed with getting them to sit on their own! I know, I know, it’ll happen. But still, a mom can’t wait to see her little girls reach the next big milestone! It’s not like I can start them on walking yet…..


“Solid” Foods.

A few weeks ago, we started introducing “solid” foods.

We’re going strong with the beginner stage of solid foods. Single fruits or veggies. We are also doing a rice or oat cereal. We mostly still stick to formula and breastmilk. At dinner time(4pm) we give each baby a quarter of a jar of food. Going at that rate, a jar of food lasts us for two meals. We try and alternate between a fruit and a vegetable. So we’ll do a vegetable for two days and then a fruit for two days. Don’t want the girls to develop too much of a sweet tooth! And, doing one kind of food for a couple of days gives us an opportunity to watch them for an allergic reaction of any kind. Then, at supper time(7pm) we give each baby one serving of rice or oat cereal.

It didn’t take too long for the girls to realize what a spoon and bowl meant. And didn’t take long for them to get the hang of eating something other than liquid. For the most, they now open their mouths wide and expectantly; it is really cute. Anton and I are fairly maticulous about keeping their faces clean while we are feeding and we always scoop up any food that makes its way back out of their mouths. We haven’t really gotten to the stage where the girls can help, although spoons have been our new play toys during the day. Maretta instinctively puts the spoon in her mouth, right way around. Shula usually looks at her spoon and then throws it at the dog or on the floor; whichever happens to be closer.

Feedings have been going great. I imagine soon enough we’ll move on to 6month foods. Blends of different fruits and veggies. And bigger quantities. But, for now I’m enjoying the two feedings that we’ve got. The girls make some of the cutest and ugliest faces I’ve seen. Peaches brought on a great “ugly” face from both of them the other night.

We did buy our high chairs the other weekend, but we don’t really use them much for feeding. We throw the girls in them when we are working in the kitchen or living room to give them some opportunity to work on their core muscles and be at the same level as we are. But, for the time being we prefer to just use their bouncy chairs. That way they don’t have to concentrate on sitting up as well as concentrating on eating. It’s a bit painful on our backs to lean down towards them, but it only takes a moment to unkink!

Bibs have become our new favourite item. I hate to say it, because we really prefer shopping at local, canadian businesses but wal-mart has the best bibs. George brand. They are nice and big and have a large neckhole. A lot of the bibs we tried were not accomodating in the neck and either seemed too tight or fell off way to easily. I would say before we starting giving them solids, bibs were not an essential wardrobe item. Now that we have though, I couldn’t imagine going through a feeding without them! I’d much rather change out bibs then give the girls a new outfit a couple more times a day.

Without being too fussy about the items we use for feeding time, I’ve really come to like the gerber/nuk feeding spoons. Plastic spoon with a metal handle. We had originally gotten some really cute munchkin spoons. They are all plastic but the spoon is a little too deep for new eaters. I’m sure they will come in handy when they are a little older though. As I mentioned above, I love the wal-mart George brand bibs. The high chairs we have are Ikea brand. 25 bucks, nice and simple. They are perfect. The bowls we use are generic.. bowls. I’m not sure if the type of bowl would change the experience at all?!

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